Go Play Then and Now (Day 9)

The original “Go Play Project” was meant to be taken literally:

As in Go Play the piano.

My intention was to get over my fear of “not being good enough” and get rid of a sort of self-indulgent perfectionism that comes from years of being told that your work is never done. There would always be that finger that thumped a little to loudly at the end of a phrase or that introspective moment that wasn’t quite ethereal enough, or the octave passage that was ever so slightly labored. By recording one piece a week for a year I was determined to just “put it out there” warts and all. Some pieces were more polished but others were fresh and less than perfect. I suppose I was trying to capture the spontaneity that comes naturally to those lucky enough to be comfortable with the art of improvisation. .

One of the unexpected consequences was that I began to feel a little bit braver about other creative endeavors.

The idea for this month’s Go Play Project came to me out of the blue. I am not an artist. I’ve never doodled. I’m not crafty. As a kid I don’t remember coloring books. So of course I was surprised that I found myself drooling over paper and charcoal at A.C. Moore. I really don’t know what made me turn the corner on this and declare that this August was the month I’d start drawing, but whatever it was, it’s working and I’m having a blast.

With some coaching from my kids (two of them are art students) and some paper and charcoal  from A.C. Moore, I’m starting to feel at home with getting messy and drawing quickly to meet the daily deadline.

So here is Day 9: my first attempt at 15-second gesture drawing.  I captured my daughter in this pose.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture Drawing


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