Go Play Drawing Project

It’s only Day 4 of my foray into drawing and I can already feel old habits starting to crumble. I tried an exercise my daughter learned in her art lessons and by the third sketch I started really seeing what was in front of me and not just what was in my mind’s eye. I suppose this is similar to playing the piano when you’re really “listening” to your music rather than just assuming that you’re producing the sounds you hear in your head.

Using my daughter as a model… I first did this quick (30 second) sketch of her with charcoal pencil.

Quick Sketch

Quick Sketch

Then I drew her in the same position without lifting my pencil from the paper. For this sketch I was looking back and forth from her to my drawing pad.

One line drawing

One line drawing

Finally I took the plunge and tried a blind contour drawing. I put the drawing pad behind my back and very slowly concentrated on drawing exactly what I saw. For that couple of minutes I was able to concentrate on all the details of her face and hand, moving my pencil as my eyes followed the line of her fingers and the shape of her mouth without looking at my drawing.

Blind Contour

Blind Contour


Care to join in? Comment below and let me know if you have any ideas for your own “Go Play Project. I guarantee you’ll be in for a surprise!


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