Go Play Project Day 3

Yesterday I had a lesson in perspective from my kids who are both artists. Hard to believe I made to my fifth decade without a clue about horizon line and vanishing points. I spent today’s drawing session practicing all sorts of boxes, viewing them head-on, from above and from below. I think I might be ready to draw my printer tomorrow!

Here’s a sketch from my pad for Day 3.


practicing perspective and vanishing points

Although I had some trouble understanding perspective in the abstract, I was surprised at how easy these concepts were once I put pencil to paper and I’m anxious to put this lesson into practice when I start drawing from observation.

Day 3 and I’m hooked. Part of the appeal of drawing has always been the vast assortment of art supplies to choose from. Maybe I’ll reward myself with a set of Prismacolor colored pencils when this project is finished.


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